A Time to Myself

18 October 2014

In any home, Bolton bathrooms need to be inviting to everyone living in the home and to those who visit the home. After moving into our new home our bathroom was the least inviting room in the whole house. There was old worn out wall paper, the flooring in the bathroom was moldy and wet. The bathtub, sink and toilet were so old and outdated that the best thing to do was to do a complete renovation. With working full time and taking care of children and not having the knowledge or physical stamina to do the renovating ourselves, we decided to hire a professional renovation team.

They came to inspect our bathroom and we talked about what we wanted that was within our budget. A new floor was put down and the water problem was resolved, we picked out colors of paint, a new sink, toilet and bathtub for relaxing.

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Divine intervention?

11 October 2014

I never knew my friend was really into horticulture. The fact is I had never been to her house. Recently, she decided to invite a few of her friends over for a get together. She wanted to show everyone the finished product of her latest project.

When I entered her house, what I saw was quite amazing. I guess they call it a living wall or vertical arrangement of plants in her entry way. She said there were over 35 different species of plants and flowers and it took her over 2 months to complete the project. As I stared at her work, I noticed something strange. The roses she had placed throughout the arrangement formed a silhouette that look an awful lot like Jesus. When I mentioned this, she was visibly shaken. The result of her artwork was not intentional, but in fact was the good Lord. Divine intervention!

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One of the biggest challenges when living with an elderly parent is they lose the ability to hear clearly. Throughout each day they either simply can not hear what you are saying or they ask you to repeat yourself a dozen times. The more they ask you to say the same thing over, the louder you feel you have to say it. By the end of the day your voice is scratchy, your throat is raw, and your patience can be wearing thin.

Hearing aids Oldham are the perfect solution to the problem. They give the elderly the opportunity to once again feel like part of the family because they can partake in conversations again. You do not have to scream your replies a dozen times any longer, which will help with your patience and temper. These devices are custom fit and offer the ability to take back some control over their life.

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